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Employee Handbook for Texas Businesses – Attorney DraftedTexas Employee Handbook

Writing an Employee Handbook is like trying to get the last bit of ketchup out of the bottle.
No matter how hard you shake it, it takes time and you won’t get it any faster.

But, what if you could have your Texas Employee Handbook up-and-running in minutes?

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From easiness of customization and fast e-delivery, to compliance with Texas and Federal laws, to lawsuit protection and effective ease of management, this carefully drafted TX Employee Handbook includes something of great value to you as a Texas employer.


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Download your complete Texas Employee Handbook now. Be up-and-running in minutes!

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Easily make any changes you want to your TX Employee Handbook Policies – You have 100% control.

check1Attorney Written – Texas Employee Handbook Complies with TX & Federal Laws
No complicated laws to figure out. Easy for you to be compliant & protect your business.

check1Customized with your Company Name & Logo – FREE
Send us your logo & company name, we’ll insert them in your Texas Employee Handbook.

check1Easy to Understand Policies – Rules of the Road for Employees
Simple, easy to understand TX Employee Handbook clearly communicates employer rules and benefits.

check1Obamacare – Affordable Care Act Compliant Policy
Policy included in your Texas Employee Handbook with information on Required Employee Notices.


Texas Employee HandbookTexas Employee Handbook
Plus 10 Human Resource Forms
Free with handbook!    $99Instant Download Buy NowTX Employee Manual Customized with Your Name & Logo
TX Employee HandbookEmployer’s Protection
Texas Employee Handbook
35 HR & Legal Forms    $149Instant Download Buy NowTX Employee Manual Customized with Your Name & Logo

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“…complete, effective, and simple way of managing…Company Policies”
“After more than 30 years as a McDonald’s Franchisee, I found this to be a complete, effective, and
simple way of managing Employment Law and Company Policies in today’s workplace.”
McDonald’s Franchisee, Arnold Levitan (ret.)

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Carla M. Fox, R.N., Administrator, Rheumatology Clinic


Compare Texas Employee Handbooks

TX Employee Handbooks TX Employee Handbook
 $99Texas Employee Handbook
TX Employer’s Protection Pkg
Employee Handbook Texas
Custom Made to Fit Your Business
$499TX Employee Handbook
Attorney drafted policies
Policies comply with Texas & Federal Laws
Obamacare Affordable Care Act Compliant Policy
Easy to Edit in MS Word
Company Name & Logo Customization
10 Human Resource Forms
35 HR & Legal Forms
Written for the special needs of your business
We do everything for you
Keep policies you already have
Includes the Specific Benefits you offer
Attorney reviewed for Compliance
Free Revision
Basic Laws for Businesses e-book
Prevent Disputes & Lawsuits e-book
Get it Now by Instant Download
Customized via email – 24 biz hrs
Texas Employee HandbookEmployee Handbook Texas
Texas Employee HandbookEmployee Handbook Texas
TX Employee Handbook



More on this TX Employee Handbook’s Compliance and Protection

Texas Employee HandbookYour Employee Handbook is more than a simple HR tool. It is an essential asset to your business designed to protect your company and provide a guide to your employees. Employee problems are very common and issues in the workplace arise even with our most trusted employees. In fact, Texas was ranked #1 nationally in Discrimination and Retaliation lawsuits (EEOC).

Your peace of mind is directly linked to the financial security and success of your business. We find that preventive action is the road toward such peace of mind. While acting as a guide to your employees, your Texas Employee Handbook is, most importantly, the first line of defense against employee claims.

When it comes to employee claims, federal law compliance alone tends to fall short. Texas has its own set of employment laws that your business may need to follow. Even though federal law applies to every state, complying only with federal labor laws will most likely get a Texas employer in trouble. An example is Equal Employment Opportunity – There are both federal and state requirements with different discrimination restrictions.

That said, your policies must follow both federal and Texas employment laws. This Texas Employee Handbook does that and more… It gives you attorney written policies that comply with federal and TX laws, that are easy to read and designed with you, the employer, in mind. From ease of use, to compliance, to lawsuit protection, this handbook opens that road toward your peace of mind in the management and protection of your business.


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“…a must to protect your business”
“FingerTip Manuals is a must to protect your business against present and potential liability exposure.
I highly recommend FingerTip Manuals for sound business practices.”

Every-Ready Oil Co., Inc., John J. Prisendorf, Jr
“Dependable, reliable and knowledgeable”
“Excellent customer service. Dependable, reliable and knowledgeable.”
A. Rabin, Esq., McCabe Rabin. P.A.
“…every business person should read and use it.”
“Very comprehensive, easy to understand and at a price so affordable.
In today’s business 
environment, every business person should read and use it.”
A. Altman & Co., R. Altman, Developers & Managers of
Shopping Centers, Hospitality, Office and Residential Properties



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